How to Put a Unique Spin on Financial Domination

This is a post for fellow Financial Dominatrixes that are looking to be unique in a sea of “Fuck You Pay Me”s. 

To give you a bit of background on me and why I decided to write this guide, I am known as Ms Construed in the Online Financial Domination world. I have been involved in this scene for almost 10 years, as of this writing. Some of the unique spins that I have created are using Wheel Spins for Twitter RT Games, Payday Loans for debt contracts, and the “I Don’t Give A Fuck” Bad Customer Service hotline. 

I enjoy coming up with new and fun ideas for this fetish and openly explaining them to others so they can recreate it for themselves. I feel that there is no competition among fellow FinDommes as there is no way someone can copy me because they are not me. Each and every Domme brings a new facet and style to it. We all have different faces, voices, body types, etc so there is literally no way that someone has copied me. 

With that all being said, please feel free to implement any of my ideas, put your own spin on them, and I would be extra ecstatic if you share with me the results of you use any of these.

Monetize Everything

The first thought I would like to get you thinking about is the idea of monetizing everything. This is a basic one for Financial Domination, but one often overlooked. I have had many human wallets that loved to get charged for the littlest things. It is a big part of the draw of FinDom.

Now, this does not mean that you have to monetize things you are not comfortable with doing. This is just an idea to get you thinking outside of the box to spice up this fetish with yourself and your submissives. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Pay per picture: send a multitude of pictures that are Pay-To-View or the total will add up during the entire session and he must pay at the end. You can vary the cost of each picture or have a set price. The pictures can be varied from sexy to mundane (blurred photos, pics of your floor/wall/ceiling, a picture of your big toe… the more random the better).
  • Worn Clothing/Shoes: This is a big one, but also a tricky one. Fetishists often want to buy worn clothing or shoes from Dommes. They can be barely worn once and spritzed with perfume or heavily worn for many days in a row or worn down so badly to the point of having holes. Careful with mailings, however, as these items can be considered hazardous and carry heavy penalties if caught sending over postal services. Also, if you do get requests for these, be warned that some requests are extreme in nature. Decide what you are comfortable with and set your limits.
  • Unblock Fees: Got an annoying wannabe paypig in your inbox? Simple solution is to block them and add hefty unblock fees. These are the easiest ways to avoid having your time wasted. These should always be triple digits or higher as your time is valuable. This could also be used with an active paypig who enjoys being ignored, humiliated, or exposed. 
  • Reimbursement Opportunities: Many human ATMs enjoy being allowed to pay for things you’ve already paid for. This can range from eating out at a big fancy restaurant to your mundane everyday grocery shopping or morning coffee purchase. These can often be paired with certain fetishes such as cuckolding (receipt from your date night), small penis humiliation (paying for magnum condoms), or nail fetish (reimbursements and pictures of new manicures). Be careful though with sharing receipt pictures as the industry and audience can be brutally judgemental. Walmart receipts or ones showing WIC/food stamps being used have been picked apart as poor taste. Fans are also very observant and will notice even little things like dates, putting a large tip amount on the Customer’s Copy of a receipt, or if you post the same receipt multiple times.

Be Creative and Think Outside the Box

This is where you will want to let your freak flag fly high. Think about what interests you the most about Financial Domination or money in general. You can find the most unique spins based on your own passions. 

Do you like math and complex number formulas? Do you enjoy creating spreadsheets? Do you love holding fans of cash? Do you want to show off a large high-heel collection? 

Whatever you have an interest or a passion in can be twisted into an activity involving Financial Domination or Money Fetish. Let me give you an example that I have done to help you see what I mean. 

PayDay Loans

One of my most unique and fun ideas is my PayDay Loans. This is based on something in the vanilla world of the same name. They are known to be quick ways for people to get a loan when they would typically be denied by banks because of bad credit, and they also tend to carry extremely high-interest rates of 400% or more. They seem ridiculous, but I assure you they are real. 

In the world of Financial Domination, there are many paypigs that are interested in Debt Contracts and the idea of being in debt to a Goddess. However, oftentimes they are too afraid to go through with them because of the hardcore nature many FinDommes take with it. Many use an application to obtain information and consider each paypig through a vetting process. Some require photos of IDs, real names, and addresses. 

Instead, I decided to combine the idea of a quick and simple process with no required information, automatic approval messages, and instant debt satisfaction for any paypiggy prospect. I named these my PayDay Loans and history was made. 

How Do They Work

The first place I created them was on NiteFlirt because I had the ability to create HTML messages that are sent out automatically. These are known as Payment Mail Buttons. You have the option to create Pay-To-View or Payment Request emails. I set up Payment Request emails of only $1, because the client would still see my message without having to pay a thing. And if they decided to pay as a tip, well all the better.

The first mail they get has a few pictures I designed in Canva that explain PayDay Loans similar to any advertisement you might see. The last image has clickable links that I coded with to start the guy through a series of options. Each option opens a new Payment Request mail of a picture with clickable links. So, yes, I had to make a single Payment Mail button for each and every potential option (30 in total).

The last one they get would be a CONGRATULATIONS message notifying them that they’ve been approved and are now in debt to me. The entire process up to now is done with no action needed by me and the guy can click links and options to his heart’s content. 

You might also notice that I may or may not make money up to this point as they only have the option to pay, however, since there’s no effort beyond the initial setup required by me then I don’t care. I have gotten something though… their account is added to my customer list. This is my golden ticket to contact them again in the future. This is important for content creators. But let’s finish talking just about these PayDay Loans. 

Every morning, I log in to NiteFlirt and review the list of sent emails from the day before. Any new PayDay Loans signed up for will be sent a mail that says “Congratulations!” so I can easily spot them on the list. I log each one of these into a spreadsheet and note the date, debt amount and interest rate chosen. Then I create an invoice for the customer with upcharges and fees not mentioned in the initial sign-up process. This invoice is saved as a PDF and sent to the guy’s account via NiteFlirt

This is the surprise factor that guys enjoy the most. First, when they go through the process and get the “congrats” message at the end, they think “well that was a fun little trip” and figure it’s over at that point. Receiving an unexpected invoice from me the next day with an exorbitant amount owed from what they originally chose is a sure-fire way to win over any true paypigs. Many with this fetish relish in the idea of surprise charges, hidden fees, and required payments. This is part of Financial Domination that I don’t often see leveraged. 

Not only do they receive an invoice, but the invoice will always be more than the initial debt amount chosen the day before, even if they made a payment. This hits on the idea that once you choose to go into debt with a Financial Dominatrix, you can’t ever get out of it. No matter what they try to do. That’s my personal spin on FinDom. 

However, I’ve been lenient in this process given the surprising and oftentimes intoxicating method I’ve chosen to use, and the invoice comes with a memo that states “Loan cancellation fee  = $50”. Many use this quick opt-out method instead of making regular payments.

Create your own spin on it!

Now come up with your own unique spins on the fetish and put it out into the world. Don’t worry if your idea “flops” or isn’t well-received the first time ’round, too. Sometimes it just takes a bit for those who are also interested in the same things as you to appear, but they won’t be able to find you unless you put it out there.

Tell me in the comments below what idea you’ve had or done in the past or want to try in the future. Any submissives in the crowd, comment below with a new idea you haven’t seen a Domme try before that you would love to pay them to do.

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