How To Find Me and Interact With Me

Like many models and producers out there, it seems like I can be everywhere. When coming back into the scene after nearly a two-year hiatus of active content creation, I decided to set up 15 or so sites to use for content sales and interactions. After 3+ months, I’ve done my analysis of these sites and have decided to make some necessary adjustments.

If you seek quality and timely interactions from me, then my top 3 sites will be the places to go.


NiteFlirt is now my top preferred site for the following:

  • Paid calls and chat sessions
  • Call with cam video sessions
  • PTV games
  • Content sales (clips & MP3s) – most available readily will be low quality and any that don’t sell will be purged, however higher quality and old content will be made available there by request only. This is due to the site’s restriction on total storage space.

I will be available for calls, cam, and chat sessions Monday-Fridays. If you are part of my customer list there, I will be sending out daily advertisements for services or content sales on the site. No free email back-and-forths will be allowed. All direct interactions must go through paid channels (PTV emails or chat volleys or pay-per-minute calls).


OnlyFans is now my top preferred “subscription” site for the following:

  • Live cam for all subscribers
  • Free text chat via DMs for subscribers
  • Monthly special freebie of chosen fetish in DMs
  • Adverts will go out daily on the timeline with discounts for subs on content posted elsewhere. Must be requested via DM.
  • Daily selfies or pic dumps


Patreon is my top preferred specialty subscription site. This is for my TOP regular supporters. Based on certain tiers, I will be using Patreon for the following:

  • All real upadtes and behind-the-scenes content
  • All unedited content
  • Full library access
  • Free DM chats
  • Custom requests
  • Monthly Patreon only specials
  • Votes for upcoming content
  • All selfies and pic dumps

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