Author: Goddess


Human ATM Software Update

I just bought and put together a new human ATM, you. It’s time for your software update. What kinds of things can I do with this new update? Customized intro. Balance inquiry. Withdrawal, of...


Human ATM Reprogramming

Welcome to my Human ATM Reprogramming. It is time that you accept your place as a machine. You are no longer a human with thoughts or feelings. You are only fit to spit out...


Pay your tax Domme

It’s that time of year again… TAX TIME! And I am now your Taxing Dominatrix. Just like the tax man, I am taking 30% of your gross income. Your taxes go to your supreme...


Reaching into your computer

Just sit back, relax, and stroke to my voice while I tease you with my body. Don’t worry about a thing while you give up complete control to me and I steal all the...

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