Why Serve Goddess Ms Construed

If you are wondering if Ms Construed is the Goddess for you… Or perhaps you have questions about if you can serve Ms Construed to Her satisfaction…

Don’t worry your silly little head over it. Ms Construed considers each sub/slave individually.

Ms Construed is…

  • Stern, firm, and controlling.
  • Desiring to be spoiled with money, shoes, masks, clothes, and anything else She wants.
  • Expecting to be shown respect at all times.
  • Demanding of daily devotion from all of Her servants.
  • Liking to be entertained by sissies, female and male slaves, and other lowly lifeforms.
  • Enjoying for many parts of Her body to be worshipped; such as Her hair, eyes, nails, and boots/shoes/heels.
  • Dreaming of owning an old plantation house and filling it with servants to please Her  and invited guests.

Her servants are…

  • Any gender or gender identity.
  • Any sexual orientation, excluding bi-curious as She does not accept that as an orientation.
  • Any age over 21.
  • Any location in the world.
  • Any income level over $1000/month.
  • Any amount of back debts.
  • Any relationship status.
  • Online only.
  • Desire to worship all areas of Ms Construed.
  • Adore Her mind, body, and soul.
  • Devote all their time, money, and energy to serving Her and making Her life bigger, better, and easier.
  • Remain completely open and honest with Ms Construed at all times.

Areas Ms C can help with…
Ms Construed believes the purpose of a D/s relationship is so that both parties will work towards desired goals of change. Ms Construed is experienced and capable to help Her slaves…

  • Learn savings techniques
  • Learn how to live more frugally
  • Pay off owed debts
  • Quit an addiction (such as drinking or smoking)
  • Learn slave positions, etiquette, rules, etc.
  • Lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

One thought on “Why Serve Goddess Ms Construed

  1. Although i am not Yours yet, i am reading and learning so much about You. i have no doubt You will help me become a more productive and useful servant towards You. i am grateful You exist.

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