Tributes & Sessions

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Tributes are expected and are non-negotiable. Initial tribute amounts are not set in stone as Ms Construed considers each sub/slaves unique situation. So, feel free to put your best foot forward when contacting Her.

Ms Construed accepts tributes via Amazon or Giftrocket giftcards.All giftcards must be sent to She also has Google Wallet with that she will accept tributes through.

Tributes made to Goddess are just that… tributes. A thank you for Goddess blessing you with Her presence and amazingness. They do not earn you anything in return, nor do you deserve it.


Webcam/Phone sessions

Ms Construed does NOT and will NOT wear anything you request. She wears and looks how she wants at all times. If she chooses to wear or use an item you have purchased for her, that is completely her choice. Ms Construed absolutely NEVER gets nude or flashes, ask and you will be dismissed/blocked.

Ms Construed allows worship via webcam or phone starting at $100.

Messages can be sent to Ms Construed through her email, any of her messengers or via Niteflirt.


Allowed Worship

Ms Construed enjoys many forms of worship that She allows her bitch boys to indulge themselves.

  • Body worship
  • Eye worship
  • Hair worship
  • Mask worship
  • Heel and boot worship
  • Nail and hand worship
  • Tattoo worship
  • Ass worship
  • General Goddess worship

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