My Financial Services

If you’re wondering if you are the sub/slave for Me, here is My list of services I provide because they please Me to do so (subject to change at any time I fucking want).

My Personal Fetishes

  • Bisexual
  • Fire
  • Vampires/Blood drinking/Biting
  • Strangling/collaring
  • Forniphilia (human furniture)
  • Strap-ons
  • Sleeping/somnophilia
  • Kiyumi/Giyumi (cuteness)
  • Chains


Online Humiliation

  • money slavery
  • forced journaling of intimate details (i.e. when you masturbate)
  • forced posting humiliating photos or videos
  • repetitive tasks
  • writing tasks thru Write For Me
  • forced public buying/bidding of fetish items
  • changing of social media status or profile pics


Verbal Humiliation

  • Belittling (slave, pay pig, cash cow, human atm)
  • Insults & verbal abuse (hideous moron with a tiny cock)
  • Animal play (treating you as a pet/animal)
  • Forced repetition of tasks
  • Forced flattery
  • Scolding
  • Requiring permission for daily activities (spending money, going out with friends)


Physical Humiliation

  • Micro-managing finances and budget
  • Micro-managing daily activities/schedule
  • Forced humiliating tasks to be performed in public
  • Cuckolding
  • Forced humiliating masturbation
  • Requiring permission for physical activities (eating, going to the bathroom,
  • masturbating, even orgasms)
  • Erotic objectification (making you act like a piece of furniture)


My main interest in dominating finances is mostly in forced budgeting, forced frugality,forced tributes, and requiring permission for any spending.

  • Forced budgeting: This is where I take all the information about income, expenses, bills, etc and create a customized budget that subs will be forced to follow.
  • Forced frugality: This is when I make cuts in the budget and only allow for a specific amount for food (say $20 a week) or making subs practice the fine art of extreme couponing.
  • Forced tributes: These are during session requests for a sub to pay me more money at ever-increasing amounts.
  • Requiring permissions: Any additional spendings over the amount allotted or perhaps even to spend the money within a budget, I may require a sub to gain permission before the money can be spent.

Shopping Not for Me:

In all honesty, I am not all that interested in having closets filled to the brim of clothes still with tags on them or days where hundreds of packages arrive as gifts from all the piggies out there that worship me.
I know I have mentioned this before, but I guess I need to repeat myself: I do not like brand names. I don’t just look at a label. I may prefer a certain brand since there are many of their items that are to my liking, but in general I do not like an entire brand.
I don’t care how much something costs, but in the same breath I believe in “buy cheap, get cheap.” I don’t give a shit if a pair of earrings cost you $200. Guess what, buddy, they are butt-fucking-ugly and I will be damned to fucking look at them for another goddamn second. You are just damn lucky you didn’t give them to me in person otherwise then they would have been flung right back in your face!

Shopping Just for Me:

I would like to receive packages of special gifts, items, clothing, etc that a sub has hand picked for Me.
I have a very particular and unique taste in items. Find out what kinds of things I do and don’t like to know what to get me. Or you could just ask, because I can tell you in exact detail. However if you get me something not to my exact specifications, then you better believe that I will shame you for it.
I like quality items and would prefer them to be made just for me as most mass produced items are simply not to my liking 100%. I can almost always find something wrong with them.
I may be looking for a particular item, and I may send a slave on a search for what I want.

In a nutshell: I like what I like and will settle for nothing less.

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