Hey fucktard!

So, loser… you were directed to this page, because you apparently don’t know how to read, have a broken screen or keyboard, or you are just a fucking moron. I will make this very clear, so pay the fuck attention.

  • When you address Goddess in a message, you must always use “Goddess Ms Construed” or “Goddess”. The following should NOT be used: ms, miss, (or worse) master, babe, bb, or any other term other than the ones I prefer. If you see this was one of the reasons you were sent here, then you must pay $50 to Goddess right now using the link below.
  • Please refer to the list on the bottom of >>this page<< for what I consider “Allowed Worship.” If you requested a form of worship that is outside of this realm, then you must pay Goddess $50 right now. If it was “foot worship” that you were suggesting, then you must pay $100. Chop chop, stupid bitch!
  • When you contact Goddess, She expects a decent conversation. Ensuring that all keys on your keyboard are functioning correctly so that you don’t sound crude and annoying is essential. Not using your Shift and Period keys for appropriate grammar and punctuation is rude. And always be sure your mobile device’s ‘autocorrect’ doesn’t make you sound completely incompetent. If you are guilty of sending Goddess a “txtspk” message or one filled with horrendous grammar or spelling that hurts Her eyes, then you must pay her $50 now for subjecting Her to such a rude and inappropriate message.
  • Check out >>this page<< to see Goddess’ offered financial services. If you asked for something outside of these options or you are not interested in tributing (i.e. you do not have a financial fetish), then pay Goddess $100 for wasting Her time reading your pathetic message.
  • For multiple offenses of the above, add together your total fines and send it all to Goddess now.


Goddess will accept your apologies via the following payments buttons:


$75 thru NiteFlirt
(Why $75? To pay for processing fee through site so Goddess receives Her full $50)
If instructed to pay $100, then click thru and pay twice.

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