About The Goddess


I am a self-centered, spoiled, powerful woman working Her way to the top of the Goddess Mountain. Since discovering the world of BDSM and Financial Domination in 2010, I have been researching, experimenting, testing, and learning all that I can to define my passions and desires.

I didn’t grow up with a lot of teachings on sexuality, but I also wasn’t sheltered from it all. I’ve always discovered things on my own and enjoy finding new ways to play and have fun. I am no spring chicken. I was born March 13, 1986 (currently 30 years old). I have responsibilities and I take them seriously (I’m the mother, head of household, and sole breadwinner for a family of 5). I also have goals, dreams, and aspirations that I work towards.

I have many interests and love to connect with others that think like I do. I have been bisexual and Pagan from a very young age (middle school or even sooner). I was often used as a young, insecure, bisexual girl by others trying to discover their own interests. Being hurt and used and even abused many times over has solidified in me that it’s my wants and desires that are more important than any one else’s, even a partner.

My Pagan soul also yearns to expand and stretch the capacity of what’s considered “OK” or acceptable. After so long, I have learned that I should no longer ask if I want something, but instead I must demand the universe to give me what I want. The universe knows the energy I put out and it brings me my wants and desires three-fold. I also like to dabble in dark/black magic, using all forces of nature and the world to work for me.

In March 2016, I began clip producing of fetish, femdom, findom, spell-casting, and worship content. I truly have enjoyed the part of myself I found in filming these clips. I feel creative, passionate, and alive. My endeavor is fueled by submissives and slaves that want to see more from me and of me. I’ve upgraded my camera and lighting equipment, and am about to do another upgrade of newer lighting since doing the painting of my studio has limited my current lighting equipment. I’ve been going bigger and better every month. My goal is to keep at it.

I have a few specialties for my clips. My best and most asked for content is Erotic Hypnosis. My voice sends shivers up and down your spine and my eyes steal your soul blind. My clips not only help submissives to relax and relieve stress, but also molds and shapes them into mindless Financially Dominated slaves to serve me. My hypno-slaves know how well they are serving me and how much happier they make me with each and every purchase or giftcard sent.

This month I have begun doing live Chaturbate camming. I find it has been a fun way to break up the clip filming to actually interact with my fans/customers instead of the long drawn out process of solo clip producing.

I have lots of plans and dreams for my future. Will you be joining me?


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