Goddess Ms Construed

Mistress of Nightmares

Masked Findom Queen

All-American Financial Dominatrix and Female Supremacist from Connecticut, US.

I have been an online FinDomme for over 8 years, since July 2010. I stumbled upon the world of Financial Domination and have been in love ever since. My favorite part is the community and friends that I have encountered along the way.

I enjoy a variety of fetishes and kinks under the umbrella of BDSM, and am looking for good boys and girls to share in the pleasures of the world with Me. Some of My favorites are findom, femdom, game domination, mask fetish, blackmail fantasy, homewrecking, hair/nail fetish, hypnosis, mental domination, mind fuck, ass/tit worship, and so many more.

My style of domination is commanding and mind-fucking. It is fun to make rules and have someone abide by them. I am a very sarcastic person and love to joke around with my slaves/subs. It is most enjoyable when they support and understand my sense of humor. It is a huge turn-off when someone does the opposite and cannot follow directions.

Many who discover me will fall head over heels about something I do, and will often find themselves coming back again and again. I am always changing, evolving, and bettering myself, my craft, and my art. You will find that most of my work has gothic and dark tones, and that’s what I like to do the most. Fantasy, vampires, sci-fi, and anything creepy or scary is sexy to me.

Nothing is better than money, though. It is an addiction when I take my money from you. It is better than sex or drugs. I want to take more and more and it gets better each and every time.

The one most important fact is to always be respectful. This is about ME, and I am only here because I choose to be and want to be. I don’t need anything from you, but you do from me. So, remember that what I want comes first and foremost or don’t approach at all. I am unique and one-of-a-kind, but you are a tiny shrimp in a sea of wallets. There will always be a bigger fish out there for me, and I don’t mind fishing a bit longer for it.

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Always enjoy responsibily.